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Corso monte cucco 73/B
Torino, Torino 10141


I'm a 23 year-old guy who, after spending his entire youth in the city of Turin, became very keen to the world of surf, thus deciding to leave his life behind, seeking for an inner happiness, eventually found thanks to such a wonderful sport as well as the marvellous people met along the way.

The idea to create a surf poncho's brand, came to my mind approximately two years ago. By the end of last summertime in Hossegor, I decided to go to Morocco with my friend, dressmaker and collaborator of the project, Francesca Gennari, in search of high-quality fabrics, which were entirely handmade and eco-friendly. During our stay in Morocco, I thought about how I could give a surf poncho a "second life"; that is, making sure that, after having used it in order to change out of wetsuits, everyone could still choose to "turn" it into a hoodie, so to comfortably wear it as a normal article of clothing.

It is here that the P2H (poncho2hoodie) name was born. In winter 2017 we started to produce our first prototypes with the new multicolour fabrics. In the early days of May we began selling our products in collaboration with: TFR Surfhouse and Lighthouse in Hossegor and Vertical House Bali situated in Bali, as well as on our social pages on Facebook and Instagram.


P2H Poncho is the first patented surf-robe, which can be folded up on itself thanks to a practical system of mirror-like buttons and respective buttonholes, so to obtain four confortable front/rear pockets, and be used just like a common loose-fitting hoodie.

#P2H #poncho2hoodie #notjustaponcho

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